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A wedding at This Must Be The Place - Mas Casamitjana

Once upon a time, a wedding at This Must Be The Place!

Today we take a little trip back in time to go back to last October 2022, the penultimate wedding that ESKISIT held that year's season.

Lily & Zeyad opted for this wonderful space located near Barcelona that has a very special charm.

This is This Mus Be The Place, a farmhouse with personality, elegant, with a rustic but modern style in which to celebrate surrounded by nature.

It also has an incredible sunset, which is not only great for souvenir photos, but also makes you enjoy a magical moment on your wedding day.

We were very lucky to be able to carry out this wedding at the hands of the following colleagues:

Photograohy: Lora Baar

Live music by: Cordes del Sud

Florists: Ambflors


Weddings have taken a few "standard or common" months to take place for some time now. The wedding season can start in January and end in December, but not many couples take risks in the less frequent months.

Lily & Zeyad joined the new trend of opting for other than May, June, July and September.

And what a great success! Because autumn weddings, now that it's not so cold, are a spectacle in every way.

An afternoon with a radiant sun and a most pleasant warmth, a dazzling sunset and a most refreshing night in the middle of the mountain (noting here the month of October). Who else signs?


Getting married in the fall can have a number of advantages, just like having weddings in spring.

We love to explore any time of the year.

How to establish the timings of a wedding?

We know that determining the times of a wedding can be complicated for the future bride and groom. Knowing when to do each part of the wedding, the duration that each one of them lasts or at what moment they can add the speeches that their guests want to make, is not an easy task, especially if you do not deal with it in your day to day.

From ESKISIT Catering we help you guide the times and schedules to follow based on our experience at weddings, always of course, in line with what you have in mind.

There are some standard times but it all depends on the space, the number of guests, the duration of the ceremony, whether the different spaces where the different parts of the wedding are located are very far from each other or close,...

So we always see it and prepare in detail with each couple.

That October 1, 2022, we left ESKISIT very early to be able to arrive at the venue at 10:00 a.m. and then begin the preparations for Lily & Zeyad's wedding. We had many things to do; setting up the ceremony, the buffet for the welcome, the cocktail area, dinner, the drinks bar & open bar, the cake table, the coffee table, the two kitchens to be able to prepare all the gastronomic references (since we needed two support points because the spaces were very far from each other), ...

Many hours of work, which as you can see below, had a great result.

Do we see timing in pictures?

10:00 a.m. - ESKISIT arrival at This Must Be The Place

12:30 p.m. - Ceremony setup, cocktail & dinner ready

2:00 p.m. - We start celebrating!

Welcome drinks before the ceremony with water, mojito, sangria and fresh lemonade


14:30h - Ceremonia al aire libre


3:15 p.m. - The appetizer, "Cocktail time"


5:00 p.m. - Dinner; banquet style with mountain view

7:15 p.m. - Wedding cake & coffee buffet

7:30 p.m. - Open Bar & Party; 5 hours of open bar and mini burgers as midnight snacks

0:30 a.m. - End of the party & End of ESKISIT service

Banquet-style wedding

The couple opted for a banquet-style wedding with a most colorful set up.

A dinner with round tables covered by white tablecloths and green napkins, led by a long presidential table with rectangular wooden tables.


They really had an impressive dinner. They played with neutral and more natural colors such as the white of the chairs and tablecloths or the light green of the napkins, leaving the spotlight for others such as the golden cutlery or the most striking decoration in the center of the tables.

Many orange candles (tall and very showy) and quantity of flowers that accompanied them in color; green, orange, yellow and some pink. A slightly risky set up perhaps from the point of view of some, but for us a hit out of 10 as well as a marvel to behold.

The dinner menu

We always tell you a lot about the aperitif so today we extend more in the dinner that they had seated when choosing the classic banquet style.

They set up a delicious menu with the dishes that we tell you about below.


Zucchini carpaccio with candied vine tomato, cashew nuts, goat cheese and special balsamic vinaigrette

Main course

Lamb knuckle in its juice with baked potatoes and asparagus


Green lemon cactus sorbet

Individual dessert

Ferrero Rocher sphere o Chérie cherry

In addition, they also had a four tiers wedding cake, and each one had a different flavor. Those chosen by the bride and groom were:

Crunchy Chocolate (Ferrero Rocher flavor with chocolate sponge cake), Wild Berries (with vanilla and blueberry sponge cake), Lemon (with vanilla sponge cake and poppy seeds), Crunchy Chocolate (Ferrero Rocher flavor) and White Chocolate with Hazelnuts (with chocolate cake).

An irresistible sweet temptation that we prepare in our own homemade pastry shop in Sitges.

If you are here because you are getting married and you need inspiration, catering for your big day, ideas or help with anything related to your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us through our form or by sending an email to

Finally, we leave you with some more photos of Lily & Zeyad's beautiful wedding. Enjoy!



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