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Getting married in spring

We started 2023, of course, thinking about weddings, but today we want to talk to you about getting married in spring.


Easy. We like to move forward and now that we are in winter, it is time to think about the next time of the year, which in this case is spring 2023.

We see how more and more future couples who will say yes are encouraged by the most autumnal months, those of September, October and even November to celebrate their wedding.

However, not so many opt for the months of March and April. We can't say anything about May and June, since these are loaded with weddings (and events of all kinds).

Spring this year is going to start on March 20, 2023. Do we see a little more of it?

The perfect weather

When we start organizing a wedding, we have to take many things into account, and one of them is the date on which it is celebrated. You must prioritize what you have in mind, but keep in mind that temperatures can affect guests, in addition to rain forecasts and others. Neither the very cold nor the hottest months are highly recommended.


Photography: Fotografia Sitges

La temperatura es buena, no hace ni mucho frío ni demasiado calor y se cuentan con más horas de luz.

Por este motivo nos parece una época genial para celebrar una boda. La primavera es ese momento en el que haces planes todos los días, no hay fin de semana sin vermut al aire libre y sin duda las barbacoas son el plan por excelencia en los días no laborales.

Ahora también, serán los meses perfectos para celebrar una boda.

The temperature is good, it is neither too cold nor too hot and there are more hours of daylight.

For this reason it seems like a great time to celebrate a wedding. Spring is that time when you make plans every day, there is no weekend without vermouth in the open air and without a doubt barbecues are the plan par excellence on non-working days.

Now too, will be the perfect months to celebrate a wedding.

Spring flowers

It is the most romantic time. When the temperatures rise and the days get longer, the flowers open and new leaves sprout on the trees. Nature comes to life and the happy colors begin to reflect on it.

For the wedding decoration, for the staging of the tables and the ceremony, for the bride's bouquet, this is a must! We assure you that the floral decoration completely changes the set up of any wedding.


Photography: Fotografia Sitges

You have to take advantage of this great advantage of getting married in spring.


Photography: Anna Svobodova


Before we have told you that the spring months run from March to June. Knowing that the most demanded are May and June, take advantage of the months of March and April.

Not only will you have more yes responses from the guests who will attend your wedding, but the providers tend to also have more availability.

You have more numbers to be able to carry out the wedding of your dreams with the catering you had in mind, your favorite photographer and the place you have always wanted.

The perfect buffets for spring day weddings

Spring it is that time of the year when you want to enjoy the outdoors with the best company. At ESKISIT Catering we have prepared an irresistible list of gastronomic corners for you to enjoy during your aperitif. For us, one of the best moments of a wedding.a.


Photography: Anna Svobodova

Which ones can go better with your spring wedding?

All are pecking style with small gastronomic references so that the guests can serve whatever they want, as well as the amounts they want.

But especially, we believe that the following are the ones that will best accompany a day wedding that is celebrated between the months of March and June.

Iberan Corner or Cheese's corner.

An aperitif classic! A delicious assortment of cheeses or a tray of Iberian ham (or other sausage) with bread never fails. We have the perfect version for your wedding.

And we can also make a mix and make it a corner of cheeses & sausages.

Photography: Esther Recuerda

Vermouth Corner.

Vermouth is a must at that time of year. You can delight your guests with this irresistible corner, which includes our homemade Russian salad or cones with churrería chips and Espinaler sauce.

Photography: Laura Chacón

Eggs Corner.

This is one of the buffets that we have introduced to the 2023 menu. We know that there are dishes that, like bravas, are always appealing. In this case we are talking about the egg corner; Broken farm eggs truffled with potatoes and Iberian ham cooked at the moment.

Who can resist?

Skewers Corner & BBQ Corner.

If you remember, we have told you before that the plan par excellence of spring is to have barbecues. With co-workers, with friends or with family.

Why not introduce this plan, in a small format, and at your wedding?

Photography: Márcos Sánchez

The Skewers Corner is also new!

It is a smaller version of the grill for those who want to give it the touch.

Skewers of three types cooked at the moment and accompanied by artisan sauces;

Homemade aioli, chimichurri sauce and criolla sauce.

Things to keep in mind about getting married in the spring

All that glitters is not gold and although there are many benefits, there are also some points that have their negative side and that you will have to take into account if you organize your wedding at this time of year.

  • The alergies. It is the time of the year when they come out with more force and can make the event uncomfortable for those who suffer from them. Beware of dust, pollen, banana leaves... Keep this in mind when choosing the space or areas where each part of the wedding will be held.

  • The weather changes. The instability of the climate is a reality and with it, a handicap that you have to keep in mind at all times. And do you know what is the best thing you can do to breathe and be calm on your wedding day? Have a Plan B in case it rains.

With everything we have told you in this article about getting married in the spring, what do you finally think?

Will you opt for the less demanded months, will you continue with the classic June/July or dare with an autumn wedding?


Photography: and I love you so

Be that as it may, at ESKISIT Catering we are prepared to organize and carry out weddings in any month of the year. You just have to send us an email with the date and we get to work:

We will make sure that you have the dream menu, based on Mediterranean cuisine, and that you can thus have a perfect wedding.


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