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Why to do a cocktail style wedding

Hello again! How is your 2023 going? Undoubtedly, at ESKISIT Catering we have the feeling that this is going to be a great year in terms of "wedding celebrations" and that is why today we want to talk to you about some reasons why we should have a cocktail-style wedding.

Yes, you know, WE LOVE WEDDINGS!

We promise that the next post will have a different theme, but we really wanted to delve a little into the weddings that are celebrated today.

In general, we tend to go for the classic and what has been done all our lives, which in this case are banquet weddings.

With its round tables (although we are seeing more and more rectangular ones or with a setup that includes a mix of both tables), its first course, its second course and its dessert (perhaps you are one of those who bets on a large wedding cake? ). There is also no lack of coffee afterwards to spend a little later on at the party.

Come on, how it usually is in the movies!

For this reason, today we will talk about other options, let's see why to have a cocktail-style wedding and thus leave the general norm.

What is a cocktail wedding?

These are those celebrations that take place standing up, without labels or assigned places.

We are talking about more spontaneous, close weddings and even with informal touches.

The celebration begins as always with the past appetizers, but when it's time for lunch or dinner, we change the banquet tables for self-service buffets.

You can have a plate of risotto standing up, you can go to the chill out where your friends are and enjoy with them a delicious assortment of national cheeses or you can go for a glass of wine and meanwhile take a picture with the newlyweds .

What we like the most is that you can interact with whoever you want and move everywhere; there is greater freedom and the atmosphere is more relaxed, everything flows much more.

Yes, the furniture does matter

You must be clear about something, and that is that no matter how much the style is cocktail-type, it is still a wedding.

Weddings have a long duration so you must take into account the furniture that is included and added. Everyone will want to sit down at some point or rest, since the fact that the entire event takes place standing up can be made “long”.


Photography: Laura Stramacchia

At ESKISIT we work with different support materials so that the wedding guests can enjoy that day:

High cocktail tables. You don't always feel like sitting down, so this is a good option for when you are chatting and enjoying some drinks along with the appetizers that the waiters serve. It guarantees you a place to support your belongings!


Tuna sashimi with avocado and soy sauce.

Photography: Atypical Photos

Low cocktail tables with chairs. Another of the material assemblies that are part of the cocktail are the low tables. In this case, they go together with chairs to support the guests who do want to sit down and enjoy themselves in a more relaxed way.

Most likely, at some point you will want to sit down to rest.

Chill out. Another one we never forget. They are those small areas with several tables, poufs and benches where several people can meet and enjoy a "chill" time, as the word says.


Photography: Laura Chacón

There is never a lack of space since when one sits down, the other gets up. When one goes for a plate of food from the buffet, the other goes to sit down to establish a conversation with others who are at the same table.

Many options, a lot of freedom and a fluidity that is wonderful.

Food at a cocktail style wedding

Have you considered doing a cocktail wedding?

Have you been afraid that there might not be enough food?

Don't worry about this because we assure you that the amount of food is the same for all types of weddings. We have some formulas through which we count that there is the same amount whatever the style.

With ESKISIT Catering, your guests will never go hungry! And they also enjoy extraordinary Mediterranean-based food.


Barbecue buffet for weddings.

Photography: Atypical Photos

Cocktail style weddings in Sitges

There is a doubt that many couples have and they always ask us when they are considering what wedding they want to do.

What is this concern about cocktail weddings?

Of the seats. Many bride and groom worry that not all of the guests will be able to have a place to sit. And it is that, in weddings like this, there are no seats for everyone.

What alternative do we offer?

Make a complete assembly of tables even if the wedding is cocktail style.

No names or labels, but we can prepare a complete assembly to ensure that each and every one of the attendees will be able to sit down to eat the different dishes that their tastes create for the main meal.


Photography: and I love you so

Does this have an extra cost?

Yes, in this case we have to hire more material to be able to do a complete set up and make this favorable mix. Although the effort is worth it, since all those couples who have opted for it have been really satisfied!

Dessert time!

Another issue with which many questions arise is with the moment of the sweet. What dessert can be made at a cocktail-style wedding?

We mainly offer 3 alternatives and they are all buffet:

  • Individual dessert. The format is the same, only the way of presenting it changes. They are all arranged at a table and the guests take theirs directly from there.


Individual dessert: Cherry Chérie.

Delicious cherry mousse with kirsch core covered in dark chocolate on a hazelnut biscuit.

Photography: Lora Baar Fotografía

  • Wedding cake. We can make a wedding cake or a cake buffet. Once presented, we cut individual portions and the guests come to enjoy their portion of cake. It is possible with our great selection of pastries in which you will find from the most exotic flavors in buttercream cakes, to the most classic ones like a Lemon Pie. All made in our own bakery.


Cakes Buffet.

Photography: Laura Chacón


Wedding Cake.

Photography: Lora Baar Fotografía

  • Dessert buffet. I think we don't have to explain this to you, right? Several references, many sweet flavors, a large and colorful table for dessert time.


Dessert buffet.

Photography: Gina Jacas

Preparing a cocktail wedding is easier than it seems. We know that many are afraid of leaving the general norm, but the result is extremely surprising.

If you want to bet on a cocktail-style wedding, do not hesitate to write to us and we will answer any questions you may have;

Also, you should know that you can celebrate any occasion with a cocktail style. A private event, a birthday, a surprise party, a special meeting, …

Do you dare to choose this kind of event?


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