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A boho chic wedding at Mas Sendra

Have you ever thought about what style you would like your wedding to follow?

Hello again! Today we are talking about a boho chic wedding at Masia Sendra, and Mary & Simon had it clear from minute one.

We return to the old ways of remembering weddings made by ESKISIT Catering! We get goosebumps just thinking about that day and we smile when we remember what we will tell you next.

Endless emotions that, without a doubt, each of the weddings we do provokes us.

On this occasion we had the great fortune of being able to work on the big day of M & S hand in hand with incredible professionals such as Barcelona Brides (wedding planner) and and I love you so (photography) in a dream place such as Mas Sendra.

Boho chic weddings

The styles that a celebration of this type can have are infinite; more classic, innovative, personalized or casual. Among them, we find one that has begun to be seen a lot throughout this year and that will undoubtedly be a trend in weddings in 2023; the boho-chic style.

We talk about joy, personality, authenticity and naturalness. They are usually celebrations that breathe a more informal and carefree air, pastel tones predominate, elements with an old look, they tend to take place outdoors (weather permitting) and are intimate and welcoming.

The bride and groom do not forget to capture the styling in their outfits by wearing suits in light colors (or flashy, depending on what they decide) and with the same character as the decorations. Whether in small details such as the groom's belt or the bride's bouquet.


Couples who also want to have a boho chic style wedding have other references or other preferences regarding the organization of the meal. They are not looking for a classic banquet. Their bets usually follow a more cool look and go for alternatives such as picnics, family style, shared meals or standing cocktails.

Together with your favorite music, it is the perfect celebration. Now the only thing missing is the gastronomy to finish enjoying and surprising the guests with delicious Mediterranean snacks.

Mary & Simon

Mary & Simon's wedding was undoubtedly a spectacular boho chic wedding at Mas Sendra. They couldn't have chosen a more suitable venue for their big day. A beautiful 16th century house that has been renovated but maintains its charm and, most importantly, its origins.

In weddings with these characteristics, you can see either very bright colors or pastel colors. They opted for a boho style with pastel colors among which beige, gold, pink and some touches of black predominated. Also, woods that provide warmth.


The couple? With a spectacular look. The bridesmaids? With black dresses. The godparents? With beige suits. The wedding flowers? Dry and with light tones. The dinner? Cocktail style but with seats for everyone.

A cocktail dinner with complete set up

We know that food does matter, and we also know that you want to know what the menu was for this very special wedding, so here the intrigue ends because we tell you what they tasted! Ready for the party to begin?


They started with a welcome before the ceremony; natural lemonade, water with cucumber and homemade mojito.

Congratulations! The bride and groom have got married and now the party begins with our cava cocktail and a couple of snacks.

To continue, the ESKISIT waiters began to serve the appetizers, which are those small gastronomic references, and in our case, very Mediterranean, that conquer the palates of all the guests.

Some that we served were coca bread with Iberian ham (from our point of view, it is an appetizer that can never be missed, it is a delicacy!), the famous fig jam tartlet with goat cheese, the mini pita with falafel and yogurt sauce and grilled shrimp and mango skewer.

Here the cocktail is finished and we move on to dinner. They opted for a cocktail-style dinner, with self-service buffets, but with a complete set up. You know that cocktail-type weddings are usually standing with several support tables, but most of this food is done without being seated.

Mary & Simon chose table mounting so all their guests could have a seat and enjoy dinner. A different proposal!

And what was dinner? Sushi, Paella and Barbecue. Three totally different styles and with which they could please all the guests. Although, we know that the best thing about having buffets is being able to choose different cuisines and savor them all.

The party couldn't start without a cake buffet!

The ESKISIT home bakery prepared the wedding cake for this wonderful couple who came from the United Kingdom to say yes I do.

We created personalized handcrafted sweets, and the bride and groom chose crunchy chocolate and red velvet for their dessert.

Did you know that the superior crunchy chocolate flavor can be chosen with Madagascar Vanilla Pound Cake or Chocolate Pound Cake? Ask us to know our entire menu of flavors!

And well, to finish, an incredible party with three hours of open bar.

What do you think? Would you opt for a boho chic style or perhaps you would opt for a romantic wedding?

Wedding catering in Sitges

Couples of 2023, open agenda!

We are already working on next year's weddings and if you get married in Sitges, Barcelona or surroundings (or well, anywhere), let's talk!

We have an irresistible Mediterranean gastronomic proposal that makes any wedding even better.

In addition, the ESKISIT kitchen continues with the stove high up, working on new appetizers, corners and dishes to continue surprising all our customers.

To finish, below you can find some photos of a boho chic wedding at Mas Sendra, you will be able to enter and feel the naturalness of this magnificent wedding that we carried out together with the super team of Barcelona Brides.

Wedding planner: Barcelona Brides

Photographer: and I love you so

Venue: Mas Sendra

Catering: ESKISIT Catering















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