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Is it possible to have a brunch at an event?


In today's post we will talk about the trend (or not) of brunch and we will see if you can have a brunch at an event.

First of all, do you know what brunch is? We assume so since the reason for your main search will have led you to this article, but we will make a "remind" just in case any user has arrived here by chance.


It is basically a meal that includes breakfast and lunch, and could be considered a large brunch.

Normally when you have a brunch, you don't eat, and you don't have breakfast either.

Although with the coffee lovers that we are around here, we probably don't give up the first coffee of the day before proceeding to brunch (and it tastes even better when accompanied by a delicious piece of homemade cake, right?).

But what were we going to. Literally this moment of ingestion of food is a mix of breakfast and lunch in English;



Some time ago we entered a real boom in terms of this type of food and on weekends, both through Instagram stories and TikTok videos, you only saw brunch, brunch and more brunch.

It was an activity that was not lacking in American movies (in which they refill their coffee for free all the time and eat endless delicious gastronomic proposals) and that has now become an essential to do during the "weekend".

Is brunch still a trend?

Yes, brunch is here to stay, and although it is true that there may be peaks in fashion for it, it is something that has remained 100% in our society.

What most reflects this belief is that today, February 17, 2023, businesses continue to be created that are exclusively dedicated to this under the motto "brunch all day". They open from 8 or 9 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m., you will find specialty coffee and dishes that are not usually found in the neighborhood cafeteria. Don't look for the classic fuet sandwich there, go with an open mind and let yourself be won over by the daring proposals they offer.

Have you heard of Shakshuka-style eggs?

Brunch for events

At ESKISIT Catering we know our clients' needs very well and for this reason we have a perfect proposal for every occasion. Among them, of course, we have our offer of brunch with chef.

We confirm that brunch-style events can be held; from a small birthday celebration, to a post-wedding brunch or, in the case of a company, the presentation of a brand's new product that ends in brunch.

Also, I know they usually hold brunches at sports-related events. For example, a yoga class followed by a healthy brunch. An art class (painting pictures with paint) that ends with an irresistible brunch.

Although, it is also a good option to celebrate a different birthday party or a baptism.


The number of events can be done together with a brunch are endless.

And you can see how you can organize an event with brunch yourself without having to go to the classic Google lists of “where to have the best brunch in Barcelona or surroundings” to celebrate with a meal like this.

We help you?

Celebrate any event with this style

Luckily it is a meal that can be prepared for the number of people you want. Therefore, if you plan a celebration of any kind, keep in mind that you can have a brunch and thus enjoy a different activity.

A buffet with appetizers, sweet tables that include a cake, a seated dinner or a meal with paellas, is always a good idea. But if you are looking for something more authentic with which to surprise your guests, brunch is what you are looking for!


What's the best brunch menu?

Here you should keep a small detail in mind. The brunch we are talking about is not the same one you find when you go to a bar, a cafeteria or a restaurant.

We have a basic proposal that we then customize based on what each client has in mind. Includes sweet, salty, hot and cold dishes.

Here is the brunch menu with chef prepared by ESKISIT Catering, perfect for celebrating

As we have just told you, it is a basic proposal. If you later prefer a brownie instead of a carrot cake, if you want to add an extra element such as mimosas or modify something that may fit better according to the theme of the event, let's talk!

Avocado toast, special chia pudding, cheeses & sausages assortment, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

What we like the most is to customize our menus in detail for each occasion.

What do you think about celebrating with brunch?

You can fill out our form, see the our bakery dossier if you have a sweet table in mind (we have incorporated new vegan cakes) or send us an email to see how to make a brunch at an event;

To us it seems like a unique way to organize parties and with which to impress your guests. There are several couples who have hired this service for events in 2023.


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