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Destination Wedding in Sitges

Some time ago the trend of coming from other countries to get married here was established in Spain, so today, we want to talk to you a little more about Destination Wedding in Sitges.

A current that is here to stay, a propensity that does not occur exclusively in our area, an idea of ​​celebration that lasts several days and that has conquered lovers of travel.

What is Destination Wedding?

When we talk about a Destination Wedding, we are referring to a wedding that takes place outside the couple's place of residence (and normally also that of the vast majority of their attendees). It is an style that combines travel and wedding, and when it occurs, it usually lasts several days.

Photography: Anna Svobodova

Sitges as a Wedding Destination

Now national couples are no longer the only ones who are exploring getting married in the area, but rather, we have expanded the public and more and more international couples decide to say yes in Barcelona, Sitges and surroundings.

International couples who choose this type of celebration in Catalonia do so because of the climate, conditions, landscapes and gastronomy that we have. There are many advantages of getting married in Sitges.

Beach, sea and mountains in one place!

They take advantage of the celebration of their big day in another country to come and settle in the place for several days. They come from far away, so they amortize the trip to Sitges and make the most of each and every one of the hours they spend here.

For this, there is a wide variety of venues that offer accommodation for several people, such as Almiral de la Font, Casa Felix, Can Marcè de la Penya or Masia Casanova.

Is there anything better than being able to enjoy all this time together in the same space?

Organize visits, activities, make a themed pre-wedding and a post-wedding near the pool, a Garraf wine tasting, a dinner in front of the Sitges beach or a paella to eat on any given day in the chosen villa.

Another of the options that couples tend to bet on is to choose Sitges hotels that have several rooms so that the whole family can stay there, and then opt for the wedding, with large spaces that have views of the incredible sea of Sitges as This is the case of Masia Casa del Mar.

However, all the venues adapted to hold events in the Garraf region have their benefits as well as some very charming landscapes. Whether with views of the sea, in the middle of the mountain or surrounded by vineyards, as is the case of Torre del Veguer.

Photography; Marcos Sanchez

International wedding specialists

Yes! We have specialized in this type of wedding, although we do all kinds.

We have many international clients in the area where we are located, and this has led us to learn to work remotely but always hand in hand with the couple.

We offer comprehensive support and very active communication with all couples. We send constant emails, notify us of news or changes in gastronomy and material, we propose several video calls and we always accept any meeting they need.

We prepare the menu together, answer questions, propose table settings and advise.

There are many bride and groom who cannot come to do the tasting and we meet in person on the wedding day. For this reason, for us, a close family business, it is very important to establish a very active communication to help create the perfect big day.

Of course we refer to everything that entails catering, but also, we always provide extra support in whatever is needed; from a place where all the graphic materials can be printed (minutes, namings, seating plans, etc.) to offering contact information for suppliers that have not yet been contracted and that need a boost.

Our goal is to make it the perfect day and for this we put everything in our hands from the moment they contact ESKISIT Catering to request information or a first budget.

Photography: Fotoclip Studio

Catering for Destination Wedding

This type of event has gained strength thanks to the great (and very positive) impact it causes among people. It has become very attractive for those who love to travel the world and explore other cultures. Surprise, originality, authenticity, amazement at unique and unrepeatable moments, admiration, fun.

We confirm that they are celebrations in which each and every one of the details that are part of them are personalized.

For this category of weddings, you cannot miss a specialist destination wedding catering in Sitges and surroundings. Why yes, food matters and together with the weather it is one of the things that makes couples travel thousands of kilometers and choose this destination to celebrate love.

Our gastronomic proposal adapts to the needs of each client, but you must bear in mind that we have a Mediterranean tradition as a base. We add touches of haute cuisine as well as fusions of the different cuisines of the world, but the base is from our land and you can appreciate it in the flavor of all our culinary creations.


Photography: Laura Chacón

We have set up a special menu for those couples who come from abroad to get married here. It does not lack a very classic option in our day to day; tapas to share.

We offer it as a starter and it is chosen by many couples who want to follow a wedding with a more familiar, "family style" and informal style. And it has the advantage that they enjoy four courses in this first setting on the table!

There is no shortage of scrambled eggs with potatoes and Iberian ham, the irresistible padron peppers and a tender and tasty Galician-style octopus among a long list of Mediterranean options.

It is ideal for those who want to surprise their guests by delighting them with the most typical flavors of our country.

Photography: Fotografía Sitges

However, this is only one of the options to configure your wedding menu. Just like they can choose the "Tomato cream with salted mojama and basil ice cream", the "Beef carpaccio with parmesan flakes and rocket sprouts" or the "Coca with slices of salmon marinated with guacamole mousse, prawns and mango".

Photography: and I love you so .

Menu for international weddings

Something that couples who come from abroad and who also love it cannot be missing, is the famous Wedding Cake.

At ESKISIT Catering we are lucky to have our own pastry shop that allows us to prepare the dream wedding cake for each of the couples that have our services.

These have a visual effect that conquers at first sight, and ends up convincing, once they are tried. Big, showy, with several layers of cake and fillings, exotic, sweet and tempting.

If you are passionate about desserts, without a doubt, it is also a choice to value as the end of the menu for your big day.

Photography: Witek Fotografía

However, you have to know that we make this type of pastry for any occasion and celebration, so it can be yours any day of the year.

You can consult our letter or you can send us an email to and we will inform you of all the details. Flavors, prices, decorations.


Photography: Ferrer and Mayor

We are the specialist catering in Destination Wedding in Sitges, Barcelona and surroundings.

Write to us at - and we'll start cooking the best recipe for your occasion.


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