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Wedding cake, ¿yes or not?

Hello! In this post we open a great debate for those of you who must choose the dessert for your big day; wedding cake, yes or no?

This great tradition dates back to ancient Rome and to this day, it is still a must for many couples who say yes. However, for others, it is something older and they prefer to opt for other new sweet proposals for their dessert.

Let's talk about it!

The wedding cake, a tradition that began in Rome

It seems incredible that this custom can be more than three centuries old, right?

Well, that's how it is, although the initial version was a little different from now. And it is that in the past what was done was to break the famous wedding cake on the head of the couple (something unthinkable today, especially because of the photos and the subsequent look of the couple). At this point there is still a lot of wedding ahead.

Photography: Esther Recuerda

In other times, what they did when performing this habit was to symbolize fertility and a long married life to the newlyweds.

Once the ritual was done, the wedding attendants tried to collect as many crumbs as possible from the cake to share the fortune of the new couple.

What does the wedding cake symbolize?

It has more than one meaning, and among some of them, we can find the beginning of a new life together as a couple, in addition to the first meal that the couple normally share.

The fact or action that the couple cuts the cake represents the support they will have and the search for the good and happiness of the marriage.

Some curiosities of the wedding cake

  1. It is said that initially the cake had to be white because it is the color that represents purity.

  2. There is a newer tradition that many couples follow. What does it consist of? In keeping a slice of the wedding cake in the freezer and eating it on the first wedding anniversary.

  3. If you want to know where the biggest wedding cake in the world has been made, keep reading! We are going to the Philippines, to a royal wedding, in which the wedding cake was 3.65 meters high.

  4. A custom that existed in England for a time was to hide a crystal ring (or a real jewel in the cases of the wealthiest families) inside the wedding cake. What was said was that whoever found the ring would enjoy a year of happiness. And if this was found by a single woman, the meaning for her changed; she was to be the next to marry.

Photography: Fotografía Sitges

Bakery ESKISIT Catering

Many things can be said, you may want to follow the traditions or not, you may think that the wedding cake is out of fashion or it may be essential for your big day.

At ESKISIT we have our own pastry shop in our facilities since we do support wedding cakes (as well as all types of cakes and sweets that exist).

Not only because of the tradition, but also because of the special moment it represents for the couple, as well as the amount of works of art that can be created.

Oh, and because of how good they are of course!

Do you know all the options you have?

Wedding cake made in Sitges

Our pastry team will prepare the cake of your dreams. We always work on it based on the guests who attend the wedding, as well as the favorite flavors of the bride and groom and the decoration that they like the most.


Photography: and I love you so

If you like the cake but you don't want the cutting time, no problem!

We can cut it and serve it directly to diners, or make a cake buffet, and cut portions so the guests can enjoy their dessert.

Another option that you can choose with our Sitges catering is to opt for a slightly smaller wedding cake and accompany it with an assortment of four varieties of mini desserts. With this, you do not give up the moment of cutting the cake and you have a small sweet buffet. Two in one!

Without a doubt, today we focus on the protagonist of the post, the wedding cake!

But before continuing, we will tell you about two more proposals that we have for dessert, so you will know everything you can choose from with ESKISIT Catering.

We still need to tell you about the individual dessert, which is an option that we include in our base proposal, and about the dessert buffet.

Here you have more fruity proposals, as in the case of the Pear Trompe l'oeil, and our Ferrero Rocher Sphere for the chocolate lovers.

Sweet lovers, our dessert corner will win you over!

An alternative to the classic, although delicious, wedding cake, and with which you will enjoy an exquisite variety of mini desserts; Artisan brownies with walnuts, authentic carrot cake, cake pops dipped in white or dark chocolate, lemon pie, tarts with different fillings and more.

Photography: Anna Svobodová

Wedding cake

The time has come to create your perfect cake. You just have to choose the flavors you want it to contain and how you want the decoration to be. Once we have planned both the interior and the exterior, we get to work! (and never better said).


Photography: Foto Clip Studio

We have fresh flavors among which lemon, carrot cake and forest fruits stand out. We continue with the intense flavors. Here, you can enjoy dulce de leche and oreo, among some. And to finish we find the superior flavors, those that make you see the stars, but in a very sweet way. White chocolate with hazelnuts, pistachio, crunchy chocolate/crunchy white chocolate and Lotus.

If it is very difficult for you to decide, we tell you that we do cake tastings. You can choose up to four flavors and come see how they taste in person.

On the other hand, and almost ending this sweet moment, if what you are looking for is a classic cake and not a wedding cake as such, we can do it for you too!

Cheesecake style La Vinya, Sacher, Lemon pie, Masini... however these do not allow for creative decoration, they are cakes with a classic design.

We love to create, experiment and transmit our passion for cooking in everything we do, both sweet and savoury.

We like challenges and that is why we want to show you some that we have made in the ESKISIT bakery.

And you, do you dare with a wedding cake, yes or no?


Photography: Fotografia Sitges

Photography: Esther Recuerda

Photography: Fotografia Sitges

Photography: Díez & Bordons

Photography: Anna Svobodova

Photography: Fotografia Sitges

Photography: Ferrer & Mayor

The most successful cake decoration of the 2022 wedding season;

Semi naked with figs and olive leaves.


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