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A Hindu wedding at Masia Casa del Mar

Happy week! On this occasion we bring you an Indian wedding at Masia Casa del Mar that will make you fall in love. An exquisite catering, a dream place in Sitges and a unique day organized by Barcelona Brides. In the purest destination weddings style.

Does it show that we have already finished the wedding season and that we miss them?

It's only been a week since we finished the 2022 wedding season, and we already miss the adrenaline of these events, the emotion we feel at each wedding, the passion that we embody in each set-up and service, and the months of dedication that vanish in some fast but incredible hours.

But, for that very reason, it is the perfect time to show you various celebrations that we have carried out at ESKISIT Catering, and thus recall, together, all the wonderful days of which we have been a part.

Hindu weddings

Any wedding that takes place is a very special and particular moment, but we must specify that a Hindu wedding has a large amount of symbolism, in addition to sacred rituals and blessings to formalize the union between the couple, and their families.

These ceremonies that form the celebration are passed from generation to generation and are passed through the Brahman in the Sanskrit language.

It should be noted that apart from the great and traditional rituals, another of the most striking points is the clothing used for the occasion. We mean both the guests and the bride and groom.

It is customary for the bride to wear a red dress full of gold decorations. She has a characteristic name and is known as "sari". Another of the traditions in the Hindu wedding is that the bride changes several times, and that those women closest to her paint their hands and feet with henna, embodying symbols and mosaics there (among which are the initials of the groom).

And the groom? Normally, he wears a suit full of very special embroidery.

Caterer company for hindu weddings in Barcelona

Without a doubt, another of the essentials at weddings is the abundant food throughout the days of celebration (because these events last more than one day).

At ESKISIT we have clear that we want to be part of weddings with these characteristics, which is why we have joined forces with Out of India, an exceptional Indian restaurant located in Barcelona, ​​to create hand in hand the best gastronomic proposals for Indian weddings.

The Hindu gastronomic culture has a wide variety of dressings and seasonings that make each dish 100% balanced. They also introduce many spices in their dishes such as cayenne pepper, cloves, saffron or cardamom, thus providing more richness to these.

The main dishes are stews with legumes as protagonists, rice, vegetables, in which one of their famous dressings such as curry or masala is essential.

From this, we know that you may be familiar with names of referring dishes such as "Samosas", "Bhelpuri", "Tandoori Chicken", "Jalebi" or a "Chai masala", a tea that is served with water and milk.

We work day by day, not only to have an exquisite Mediterranean gastronomic proposal, but also to offer the best Hindu wedding menu in Sitges and Barcelona. We love, and it is a real pleasure, to be able to adapt to all the cultures of the world.

Sarina & Daniel

October 2021. Masía Casa del Mar, Sitges. Some time ago this wedding, but we have to show you the incredible result of working so many hours with a spectacular team.

The common thread of all the decorations and all the details that were there that day, followed the tonalities chosen by the bride and groom. Garnets, beiges and natural tones such as those of the pampas (which of course were not lacking) and bluish ones. Always accompanied by green, which brings naturalness and color to life!

Sarina & Daniel's Indian wedding menu is prepared together with Out of India, the best partners we have to specialize and be able to offer the best gastronomic proposal of these characteristics.

We start with a special welcome corner before the ceremony. Filled with cookies, sweets and tea.


As starters they had Bhel Puri, Chicken, Pani Puri and Paneer Pakora. Following, the entrees were Chicken Tikka Masala, Mutton Rogan Josh, Paneer Tikka Masala, Vegetable Sabzi, Butter Naan Pan, and Garlic Rice Naan Pan.

We finished with the desserts, which featured Gulab Jamun, Mango Lassi and a wedding cake made by our bakery team.

A 3-tier cake with semi-naked decoration along with different flowers present throughout the wedding and a very sweet filling. One of the biscuits was vanilla with a white chocolate hazelnut filling, and the other two were chocolate biscuits with the same white chocolate hazelnut filling.

Destination Weddings in Sitges

ESKISIT is a caterer for weddings of all kinds, our bride and groom come from different corners of the world and we love to adapt to them.

From making an Indian wedding to personalizing appetizers and adding typical gastronomy of the place of residence or making a menu with tapas as starters, since the bride and groom want to enjoy the purest Spanish style.

And what describes it better than a good tapa? Some padrón peppers, which with luck, will limp those that don't itch, some very brave potatoes or some very crispy fried aubergines with honey.

Personalize for each and every one of our couples. Let's talk and make it the day of your dreams.

Now, we return to the wedding day of Sarina & Daniel. You can get into each and every one of the details and enjoy an authentic Hindu wedding as if you were there.

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