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Wedding trends for 2023

In September the routines return, we start with new challenges and in addition, the novelties in all sectors are coming. Just as the fall trends in fashion or decoration arrive, the trends for 2023 weddings also begin.

Are you getting married next year? Congratulations, you've come to the right place! We are going to see everything that will be most seen on weddings 2023, and if you like it, you can add to your big day.

First of all, you should know that the style you define does matter. From this, all the details that will reign in your celebration will be worked on; the flowers, the decoration, the tablecloths, the base colors, the typography and even the glasses on the table.

Shall we see together the preferences of the next season?

Sensory experience

Guests can remember your wedding for many things; because of what they ate, because of how well decorated the ceremony was, because of the endless candles that were placed at dinner or because there was an incredible music group during the party.

Here the 5 senses come into play. Add textures to enhance the touch with the assembly, and play with a strategy that is also being seen a lot; the tables with aroma, with fragrance. Add an extra to the smell!

Isn't it true that when you walk into a store and it smells good, do you remember it? Well this is the same. Add a characteristic smell and remember both the smells of food and the fragrance of your wedding.

Basic crockery and accessories with personality

Without a doubt, this trend for 2023 weddings will be a must. We will see that the biggest bets will be for basic crockery, which will leave the main role to the rest of the accessories. Flowers, decoration, printed menus, etc.

In these we will see the color white, raw and beige above all, natural colors. Accompany it with a printed menu with personality, flowers with a lot of "rock" and decorations that do not leave the guests indifferent. Let's them remember your table in detail!

Bets on multi-day weddings continue!

More and more couples are joining the trend of having a wedding that lasts 2, 3 or 4 days. A pre-wedding to start, the big day to continue and finish with a barbecue or some paellas as a post-wedding, thus closing the weekend of your life.

Celebrate for days? We say yes!

At Sibarum we work a lot on "Destination weddings" and we are specialists in this concept. We know very well what it is to work with weddings that last several days and menus adapted to each of the couples. A breakfast with a chef, a barbecue dinner with friends and a brunch to end the weekend. We love long weddings!

Long tables or round tables?

The distribution and organization of the guests at any wedding is a great concern for the bride and groom. So, we want to tell you that in 2023 rectangular and elongated tables are going to take over.

More guests together, tables with more capacity, staging that will win over everyone present.

Gingham print

Yes, we have been seeing this famous check pattern for weddings for some time, and they will definitely be around for another year to dress up the decorations for the 2023 celebrations. Have you noticed that it can be used at any time of the year? It is valid both in a summer wedding, and in one that takes place in the colder months.

A decoration that manages to give personality and closeness to the different details of a wedding. In invitations, printed menus, table linen or napkins.

With large or smaller squares, the basic black and white, the classic with red, or perhaps you would dare with a more extravagant and different color?

Dressing your table with Vichy will be one of the trends for 2023 weddings with which you will succeed and achieve not only a pleasant atmosphere, but also break with the classic light colors, betting on giving a casual air to your staging. Do you dare to go one step ahead?

Live music will be a must

Musicians, a rock band, an orchestra, a concert. It is usually something that is seen above all in appetizers and, we recommend that you begin to value being able to add this experience to your big day.

This year it has taken a leading role, but next year, accompanying past appetizers and gastronomic corners with live music is something that will triumph.

Long live to midnight snacks!

When people are at the party, they love the moment they see the waiters arriving with food. Burgers, churros with chocolate, crepes and waffles, mini sandwiches, etc.

The midnight snacks is something that has existed for a long time, but what we will see above all for next season will be the “fast food” style. Burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, crepes, …

At Sibarum Catering we already have these options, we can see them now if you are getting married and want to adapt to the 2023 wedding trends as soon as possible.

It is time to put the commented into practice. Are you getting married next year?

Let's talk then and create together the best day of your life, and, let's also add, the trends for weddings 2023, you will conquer your guests!


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