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A mediterranean wedding in Torre del Veguer


Between hot chocolate and first christmas songs, we come to explain a Mediterranean wedding in Torre del Veguer. One of those that when you remember you get a smile, and, inevitably, it fills you with good energy.

Diana and Remi could not choose a better place to celebrate their wedding around Sitges; Veguer Tower.

A unique winery located in Sant Pere de Ribes, where you can breathe the Mediterranean atmosphere. Near the sea, surrounded by nature and vineyards, with outdoor spaces that make you fall in love.

Undoubtedly, an idyllic setting to celebrate, in this case, love!

The wedding

June 25th, 2022, Sant Pere de Ribes.

First there was a religious ceremony. The couple got married in the Sitges church, and later they celebrated with family and friends in Torre del Veguer.

Do you know how lucky it is to get married in the month of June, in the Mediterranean, and that the cocktail party starts at 7:00 p.m.?

What is day! And it didn't get dark until they were already sitting down enjoying dinner. Summer time is a real wonder!


A very Mediterranean menu

And you will think, like the gastronomy that we usually offer at ESKISIT, right?

But it is that within the great selection that we offer, you can choose more classic or more daring, more Mediterranean or less, you can change the rules of the game, choose the most representative buffet by choosing the vermuteria or go for an innovative Mexican corner. It all depends on the couple!

They did not hesitate to delight their guests with the best references to represent the wonderful Mediterranean gastronomy.

There was no shortage of gazpacho shots, the fig jam tartlet with goat cheese or our homemade chicken croquettes.

For the chosen buffets, one we have told you and the other not.

They opted for the vermouth bar and the Iberian sausage corner, which we accompanied with the one that cannot be missed if you eat cheese or sausage; the bread with tomato Of course, each guest prepared his own to his liking.

Nothing more traditional (and good) than a tomato bread prepared at the moment!

Then came the time for the long-awaited banquet, dinner in the beautiful garden of Torre del Veguer.

They started with a refreshing tomato cream with salted mojama and basil ice cream, followed by the sweet beef in red wine sauce accompanied by glazed pearl onions and a tasty Bacardi Mojito sorbet before the great dessert.

The wedding cake

At ESKISIT we are lovers of good gastronomy, the Mediterranean tradition and of course, desserts are included in this.

As many of you already know, we have our own pastry shop. This allows us to prepare all our desserts in an artisanal way. We can prepare all kinds of creations and let our creativity fly to make new sweet proposals.

On this occasion, Diana & Remi chose a three-tier wedding cake.

Thinking about the flavors of each one? Imagine no more, we will tell you below:

Dulce de leche: Intense chocolate cake with creamy vanilla and dulce de leche.

Double chocolate: Chocolate cake filled with crunchy chocolate.

Red Velvet: Velvety red cocoa sponge with creamy cheese filling.

And with these wonderful flavors, we create your perfect wedding cake. We decorated it white with marble in golden tones and some flowers that followed the same floral decoration of the entire event.

Weddings in the Mediterranean

We love being able to do such special weddings and in which the authentic Mediterranean essence is represented. Near ESKISIT, there are many spaces for weddings, events and celebrations of all kinds that can fit your big day.

One step away from the beach, in front of the sea or in a space full of nature.

Getting married in Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes and surroundings is a great bet if you are looking for magic, a Mediterranean setting and a unique and original celebration.

And we are not only talking about “destination wedding” style weddings, but we are referring to any couple who wants to celebrate their wedding with these characteristics.

We hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as we did. Below we leave you a photographic summary in which you can better see how everything went.

And, if you are here because you are looking for catering for any type of celebration, do not hesitate to contact us!

A Mediterranean wedding in Torre del Veguer

Photography: Díez & Bordons

Catering: ESKISIT Catering



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