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How to organize a stress-free Christmas meal

Hi! The most festive dates of the year are just around the corner, and today, we want to tell you how to organize a stress-free Christmas meal.

Or, a dinner, when you do it is your decision! And they are all good options when it comes to spending time together as well as enjoying delicious food.

We know that those days time is scarce. We work, we have a lot of homework, meetings and the time we can dedicate to preparing is short.

Yes, organizing a Christmas meal can be very stressful, especially if we want everything to go perfectly.

That is why today we make this post and we tell you some tips on how to organize a Christmas lunch or dinner without dying trying.


The best thing is to see in advance everything you need to make your meal a complete success. From making the guest list and asking about allergies/intolerances a few weeks in advance, to anticipating the decoration you want both for your home and for the large table.


Don't put off until tomorrow what you can buy today. Perhaps next week the candles you wanted to put in the center of the table will no longer be available.

If you make a seating plan and signs to indicate where each guest sits, why not start now?

In our Instagram we tell you an idea to make the signs of the names of your guests reusing material from nature.

Delegate tasks

You are the host but you are allowed to have help. You can create lists with everything you need for each task, and thus organize 10 “to do lists”.

Delegate tasks to your family and friends to help you and that everything is less overwhelming. They will be the best accomplices! Four hands, or six, do more than two. And you will love preparing all the details for this occasion if you do it together with the best company.

One can be in charge of buying the decorations, another of designing the menu and another of picking up the catering for Christmas Day.

Set the table the day before

Without a doubt, this is a key point for success! And it will make you more relieved.

On December 24, take out the tablecloths, napkins, glasses and cutlery. Prepare the decoration you want on the table, assemble with the chosen utensils, add the name of each guest and check that all the Christmas elements you had planned are there.

A recommendation! Don't add too many components in the middle of the table or too high centers. Sometimes it can get in the way if you have to put starters to share and also, it can complicate conversations between different people.

They say less is more. Make it simple but elegant, and don't miss out on festive touches, the color red, candles, pine cones, green plants, Christmas trees and the fabrics that represent Christmas.

Music ON!

We all like ambient music and together with candles, it is one of the things that brings the most warmth to an environment. Prepare a Christmas list on Spotify or any other platform and on the 25th, your main concern for this is to press play on the list so that the "Christmas Hits" start playing.

Order the food

Ordering food is one of the best options for Christmas 2022.

If you have had to organize lunch or dinner, keep in mind that we are not only talking about the main course. We talked about some appetizers, the main course and the starter. In addition to the bread, the desserts (nougats, "neules", chocolates, polvorones and if you dare with a delicious dessert such as a Jijona nougat ingot), wines and all drinks, intolerances or allergies, dishes that you must adapt if there are vegetarian or vegan people, …

For this reason, we have created a specific Christmas menu. You choose and make the menu, ESKISIT Catering cooks for you.

Do you know that you can customize your menu? Effectively! You can choose different dishes, you don't have to eat all the same.

Does your cousin not like soup? You can order a homemade meat and foie cannelloni.

Is your son-in-law celiac? We can prepare the galets soup with carn d'olla, with gluten-free galets.

Is your sister a vegetarian? We have a section of vegetarian options. A possible vegetarian Christmas menu for her would be the following:

Starter: Spinach and pine nut cannelloni.

Main course: Heura meatballs with vegetable sauce.

You could also choose a veggie appetizer tray in which you will find the following references; Fig jam tartlet with goat cheese, Baba ganoush tartlet, Mini vegetable quiche, Mushroom croquettes & Vegetable gyozas.

Delicious and for everyone!

Together we can create the perfect menu for your particular event and help you organize a stress-free Christmas dinner.

The Christmas menu

As we have told you a few minutes ago, it will be essential that you have prepared the menu that you are going to want to serve well in advance. Food is one of the protagonists of all Christmas gatherings and it is something that cannot be missed.

Decide ahead of time what you want to serve and thus manage to organize a Christmas meal calmly and without stress.

At ESKISIT we make it very easy for you; You only have to choose the dishes and call us by phone or write us an email to to place the order. Discover here all our Christmas menu.


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