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An Icelandic wedding at Masia Campau

Hello! We have already officially opened the 2023 wedding season, so now we are even more excited to continue telling wedding stories. Today we take a little trip back in time, more specifically to June 2, 2022, to talk about an Icelandic wedding at Masia Campau.

Venue: Masia Campau Wedding planner: Barcelona Brides


Why an Icelandic wedding?

Well, as you know we are specialists in destination weddings and on this occasion, the couple traveled from Iceland to celebrate their wedding near Sitges.

Dori & Mist gathered 86 guests at Masia Campau, a space that we will talk about a little more now, to enjoy one of the best days of your life like never before.

And together with Barcelona Brides, who was in charge of helping the couple to organize their wedding remotely, we managed to create an unforgettable day.

Getting married at Masia Campau

It is a unique venue located in Baix Penedès (in Sant Jaume dels Domenys), which offers several spaces within the same farmhouse as well as continuing to dedicate part of its activity to agriculture (traditional cultivation, vineyards and olive trees).

A multipurpose space that has several corners to carry out the different parts of a wedding. A garden of palm trees, cypresses and olive trees. A field of vineyards that meets the infinity of the sea. An ancestral house from the 17th century that is full of history to which you can add yours as well.

You will fall in love with both its wonderful exteriors and the natural light that floods the farmhouse throughout the day. And so it was in the case of Dori & Mist, it managed to win them over and they chose as the venue for their wedding!

Dori & Mist wedding

Thursday June 2nd, 2022.

A radiant day woke up for the celebration of this international wedding.

Preparations, nerves and emotions on the surface until 5:00 p.m., the time the ceremony began and with it, everything that was being prepared for months and months.

We, as the wedding caterer, already started at 4:00 p.m. with a welcome for all the guests who attended the celebration.

With the high temperatures that we have in the hottest months, it is nice to have refreshing drinks to withstand the heat! They chose natural lemonade for everyone.

His appetizer consisted of several references passed by our team of waiters. There was no shortage of classics, such as the "coca" bread with Iberian ham, the fig jam tartlet with goat cheese and our homemade croquettes (yes, we make them with great dedication in our kitchens, in Sitges) of Roquefort with walnuts and mushrooms (these were the ones the couple chose, but we have more, like the chicken one, which is delicious).

They also chose others with more powerful flavors such as the mini pita with spiced duck, the tandoori chicken skewer and the soy-marinated quail chupa chup.

A dining experience to remember!

In addition, a sushi buffet complemented the cocktail hour of this incredible couple, who came all the way from Iceland to say yes I do!

Who can resist an avocado maki or a salmon nigiri?

The dinner was outside of Masia Campau. Long wooden tables, a touch of green in the center to continue with the natural setting and a glass of blue water to add color.

The menu;

Beef carpaccio with parmesan flakes and green sprouts


Duck confit accompanied by pears in red wine, glazed pearl onions and Pedro Ximénez sauce

What would be the ideal dessert for you at a wedding?

They started with a pre-dessert starring a passion fruit sorbet, and continued with a wedding cake accompanied by a donut bar. For sweet lovers, a true paradise!

The wedding cake, made of course in our homemade pastry shop in Sitges (ESKISIT Catering & Cakes), had only one flavor.

The truth is that if you think about it, it's a very good option, since that way all diners have the same (and some of the flavors don't run out, sometimes we don't think about this).

White chocolate hazelnut cake with chocolate sponge cake. A delight for the palates. When you try a piece of this cake, there is no turning back, you want it all!


To end the night, although there was still a long time left, they made a cava tower and had 5 hours of open bar.


At Dori & Mist's wedding at Masia Campau, organized by Barcelona Brides and photographed by Fotografía Sitges, we managed to create another unforgettable moment.

Without a doubt, it was a day in which happiness, fun, the desire to enjoy & make the most of every moment, and Mediterranean gastronomy reigned.


If you have come here because you are getting married, congratulations! We can help you create your moment.

And in case you are reading this article because you are looking for catering for any celebration or you want to order a personalized cake and you don't know where, we can help you too!

Contact us or and we get to work.


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