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A romantic wedding in Barcelona

We are happy to show you weddings we have done this year, we are going to the 2022 season! Today we are talking about a romantic wedding organized by Mo·ette Events & Design Studio.

We stop time and go back a few months in order not to miss a single detail of Aida & Oriol's big day.

July 2th, 2022, the sky was blue and the sun starred in the wonderful light that was in La Vila d'Argençola.

They could not have chosen a better day or a better place. Everything was perfect to celebrate a romantic wedding in Barcelona. A beautiful stately venue located in Catalonia, north of Barcelona. Its environment exudes nature, a Mediterranean essence and it is very close to cultivated fields and a river. A perfect place to do all kinds of events! And create unforgettable memories.

Before the ceremony began, the Sibarum Catering team prepared a welcome for the guests, and we then served a welcome. Because in these hotter months, it is important to have refreshing drinks for all the moments of the wedding.

The choices for this start were natural lemonade and cucumber flavored water, super refreshing!

After the most emotional part took place, the ceremony, we started one of our favorites, the cocktail! It is that moment in which everyone present can interact, there are conversations of all kinds, music takes center stage, people dance, laugh and everything is fun.

There was no shortage of classic and iconic Sibarum appetizers such as the coca bread with Iberian ham, the fig jam tartlet with goat cheese or the traditional-style mini cannelloni with truffle powder.

The buffets that they chose to accompany the cocktail were great choices, and very characteristic of here.

The Vermouth Corner and Paella Corner; with black paella, sea & mountain paella and Fideuá del Senyoret.


The dinner was classical in style. Classic, with Sibarum & Mo·ette working hand in hand, is never synonymous with boring, because it was anything but. They also had a spectacular set up that made it incredible.

The final staging is very important. They worked with a series of tonalities that fit perfectly throughout the wedding. Roses, browns and golds.


As a starter, they chose the Tomato Cream with salted mojama and basil ice cream and the main dish that all the guests tasted was the Duck Confit accompanied by pears in red wine, glazed pearl onions and Pedro Ximenez sauce.

We finish the great delicious gastronomic proposal with a four-tier wedding cake prepared in our bakery; red velvet, carrot cake & chocolate. What flavor would each guest get? A surprise for every palate.

As in any good wedding, when the meal ends, the party begins with an open bar. The best music of the night is heard here! And if, in addition, this party includes a freshly baked pizza recipe, the experience is complete!

Photography: Anna Svobodova

Wedding Planner: Mo·ette

Florsit: Daniel Lafuente
















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