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A cocktail style wedding in Almiral de la Font

We are about to start the 2024 wedding season. The first of this year is in Almiral de la Font, and this has reminded us of a very beautiful story that we have not yet told you, Charlotte & Nima; a cocktail style wedding in Almiral de la Font.


Most couples opt for the most classic format, the banquet. Yes, they can have tapas to share first instead of a classic starter and others choose to have the paella corner as the main course. With this they give it a different touch.

But we must confess that couples that go ahead for the cocktail style at their wedding conquer us!

In the end with them we go beyond the standard and break with the usual. They also tend to be intimate, informal celebrations, with character and in which everything flows. There is no rush, people enjoy non-stop and the pace doesn't stop.

How is a cocktail wedding?

Many of you ask us what the main difference is between a banquet style wedding and a cocktail style wedding.

The cocktail wedding, as we mentioned a moment ago, is the perfect type of wedding for those couples who are looking for more of a celebration, or a party, and want it to have a casual character.

Everything usually happens in the same space, although like Charlotte and Nima, it can be in two different areas. If you opt for the second option, the positive part is that it differentiates when the aperitif ends and when dinner begins.

Another distinctive aspect of this celebration is the furniture. Cocktail style weddings do not have banquet furniture or complete table set up. At these lunches/dinners, a setup is made through low tables with chairs, high tables and a chill out, so that there are seats for approximately 50% of the attendees.

We remember that it is a more familiar style and the idea is to go from one place to another. When you get up from the low table you go to the buffet for food, then you go to a high table to talk to a friend and then you stop by the drinks bar for something to drink and end up having a conversation with another guest.

It is non-stop and constantly moving; enjoy the company, be able to have conversations of all kinds with several people in the same space (something that the banquet format does not allow you to do), go for your favorite food that is available at different stations,...

The time of dessert will depend on what the couple chooses and then the coffee is also set up on a buffet, to continue in the same vein!

And we finish with the party.

In the end, the same is included in both formats, but each one follows its own rules, furniture and times.

Charlotte & Nima cocktail style wedding

Photography: Fotografía Sitges

Catering: ESKISIT

A cocktail style wedding in Almiral de la Font to remember, it was one of the firsts of the season and it was undoubtedly incredible.

They decided that they were going to separate the cocktail party and dinner into two different areas; The cocktail would be on the terrace and the dinner would be with stations in front of the house.


At the end of the beautiful ceremony, we began to celebrate with a welcome cocktail and some snacks. At the same time, the drinks bar opens, where in addition to the classic ones, a refreshing red wine sangria was available.



The aperitif at cocktail style weddings lasts a little shorter, 1 hour, but throughout these 60 minutes, the couple was able to squeeze in each one of them, enjoying themselves with their guests, taking photos to remember as well as tasting the delicious appetizers that our team of waiters was offering to all the people.

Among them, like the puff pastry filled with ricotta cheese and spinach, and the tartlet with beet hummus and the mini pita with spiced duck.




It’s dinner time! 

We changed areas, and we changed gastronomy.

We move on to the dinner area, which is the one in front of the house. In it we had set up the cocktail-style furniture for their dinner (which consists of several support points through low tables with chairs, high tables and chill out), we had another drinks bar open from that moment and the sets of the 3 buffets that the couple chose to star in the dinner.

  • Sushi. Salmon maki, tuna maki, cucumber maki, salmon nigiri, salmon and cheese uramaki and California uramaki.

  • Paellas. Seafood, chicken and a vegetable.

  • Barbecue. The most popular buffet! It was a complete success. Chicken, sausage & vegetable skewer as well as Entraña and Vacío were the main meats at the wedding. Caliu potatoes and padrón peppers were the sides to accompany and the following sauces were also available: "all i oli", chimichurri and criolla.

With this, for all tastes and of course, with vegetarian options for guests who followed a vegetarian/vegan diet.

In their case, since it was a cocktail wedding, the dinner lasted 2 hours. There they were able to enjoy these wonderful buffets, as well as unlimited drinks and individual dessert (which we set up in a corner).


To end the dinner and move on to the party, which was in the same space, Charlotte & Nima staged a spectacular cava tower;



In the last part of the wedding they had a 2-hour open bar with mixed drinks for the party, and here, we finished our service for this cocktail wedding at Almiral de la Font.

It was a radiant day with lots of sun, the good vibes that were felt were incredible and without a doubt we would go back in time and experience it again with them.

Wedding organization in Sitges and surroundings

In a few days we will start the 2024 wedding season but we already have the agenda open for the 2025 weddings.

Are you getting married in 2024? Are you planning a wedding for 2025? Don't know which style to choose? Do you have questions about the banquet proposal and the cocktail proposal?

Contact us now and we will help you continue working on it, together we will see the best gastronomic proposal for your wedding; /


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