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A cocktail style wedding at Masia Nur

We end the 2023 wedding season, and with it, this wonderful year, with a cocktail style wedding at Masia Nur.

Taylor & Kate, a couple who live in the United States, contacted us many months ago... They had rented a venue near Sitges and Sant Pere de Ribes, Masia Nur, and they were going to celebrate their wedding there during a weekend in September.


They were very clear that they wanted to delegate some food services to be more relaxed, since their guests had a 3/4 day stay at the venue and they wanted to provide and facilitate most of the main things (from the food, to transportation or activities that could be done nearby).

In the end, everyone traveled from the United States to Barcelona to celebrate Taylor & Kate's wedding.




Photographer: Anna Svobodova

WP: Costa and Mason Catering: ESKISIT

Venue: Masia Nur

Areas to celebrate weddings in 2024

Tenemos la tranquilidad en la montaña, la diversión en la playa y constante ambiente en el centro de Sitges. 

Además, nos encontramos cerca de Sant Pere de Ribes, Vilanova y la Geltrú, Canyelles, y a tan solo 30 minutos de Barcelona

¿Sabéis la gran cantidad de espacios que se encuentran rodeados de naturaleza para celebrar una boda?

We are very lucky to find ourselves in a most privileged location. We are in Sitges, but we have the sea, the mountains and the city/town within reach.

We have calm in the mountains, fun on the beach and a constant atmosphere in the center of Sitges.

In addition, we are close to Sant Pere de Ribes, Vilanova y la Geltrú, Canyelles, and just 30 minutes from Barcelona.

Do you know the quantity of venues that are surrounded by nature to celebrate a wedding?

From a big and historic space surrounded by nature located closer to the city, such as La Centenaria 1779 in Gavá, to a perfect venue to receive several guests (since it has a large accommodation capacity inside) and enjoy a wedding in the middle of the mountain as it is Almiral de la Font, located in Sant Pere de Ribes. 

What do you prioritize when looking for a venue to celebrate?

If you need advice, recommendations or others, do not hesitate to write to us or visit our venues section.

A different and original cocktail style wedding

Well, you might wonder what we mean by a cocktail-style but original wedding.

Keep reading, we will explain you now!

Cocktail style weddings have the main characteristic that they take place standing and have a more informal character.

We start as usual; a welcome cocktail to welcome the guests and some snacks to accompany this first moment.

The drinks bar opens and our waiters offer different appetizers to everyone present, which the couple has previously chosen.


Once we finished, we moved on to dinner. The set up is different and so is the way it is focused.

There are no seats for everyone nor a large assembly of tables with chairs, seating plan, previously chosen set up...

It is a set different supports (high tables, low tables with chairs and chill outs) where guests enjoy the entire lunch or dinner (cocktail style furniture).

In reference to food, there is no first course, second course and individual dessert. There is also no table drink service. Dinner, or what would be the banquet, takes place through buffets; different food stations.

We think it's an incredible format through which everyone can serve themselves whatever they want and in the quantities they want.


It's dynamic, it's entertaining, it's fun.

Now, it's time to explain why the way Taylor & Kate approached it was different.

They were clear that the cocktail style was their favorite (and winner), but the fact that there were not tables for all the guests did not convince them.

So, they go ahead for a cocktail wedding, with dinner through buffets, but they added a complete set up and table drink service for the guests.

The result was incredible!

They were not the only ones who opted for this style, which in the end may be more comfortable.

Other couples like Ivo & Pilar, and Ben & Anika, also did it like that.

Taylor & Kate's Mediterranean-style wedding

The decorations that they themselves were putting up for Masia Nur already say it all, it is normal that they came here to get married!

Olive trees, greens and terracottas flooded the beautiful Masia located near Sitges.

And, of course, the (mediterranean) menu went hand in hand with it.

The juice they chose for the welcome cocktail? Peach; a sweet flavor that goes perfectly with the bubbles of the cava.

Among the appetizers, they chose to introduce several vegetarian references, such as mini pita with falafel and yogurt sauce and Japanese vegetable gyozas.

However, they also kept classics from our Mediterranean catering such as the fig jam tartlet with goats cheese, the hand-chopped steak tartare brioche and our irresistible homemade croquettes. The winning flavors of this cocktail style wedding at Masia Nur were Mushroom and Iberian ham.

Sangria was one of the members of the drinks bar during the aperitif! The couple wanted to offer this classic drink from here to all their guests, in addition to white wine, red wine, beers, soft drinks and water.


They also decided to offer spirits during the cocktail. Thus, their drinks bar was very complete.

An hour goeas by, the appetizers have been a hit among those present and we change areas to go to dinner.

A different cocktail style dinner; comfortable, with seating for everyone and a very striking set up.

The buffets they enjoyed during dinner were the following;

Veggie corner

  • Green sprouts salad with goats cheese, red berries and balsamic vinaigrette.

  • Baba ganush with pita bread.

  • Shot of traditional gazpacho.

  • Shot of melon and mint gazpacho.

Paella corner

  • Seasonal vegetable paella.

  • Seafood paella.



Eggs corner

One of the most classic tapas of our gastronomy in buffet style;

  • Dish of truffled broken farm eggs with potatoes and Iberian ham cooked to order.



Skewers corner

Selection of incredible skewers cooked at the moment by our chefs;

  • Entraña skewer, chicken skewer and vegetables skewer.

  • Homemade sauces to accompany; “all i oli”, chimichurri and criolla sauce.



After the savory, comes the sweet moment.

At this moment they made a CAVA TOWER to group everyone present together (it was a completely success) and then they proceeded with dessert; wedding cake accompanied by mini desserts.




They also had a first dance, speeches by guests, several performances by a flamenco group,… Ah!

And churros with chocolate as a midnight snack, is there anything better than surprise your guests with this wonderful gastronomic delight?

Without any doubt, it was a very complete and entertaining cocktail style wedding at Masia Nur. And the best thing was seeing how happy they were throughout the entire wedding.

They chose a very dynamic and original wedding style. In addition, they accompanied it with different services such as a pre-wedding barbecue and a post-wedding breakfast with a chef.

We are here to help with all the services we can!

If you want to know the different ways in which we can help you create unforgettable moments, contact us now and we will help you to find the best option to organize your event 


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