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A black dress code wedding at Casa Felix

Back to our beloved posts! These articles in which we tell you real wedding stories and detail the work we have done, as is the case of this black dress code wedding at Casa Felix.

The original word is very broad and when you think about it, it does not have a single meaning or you do not 100% imagine what it can represent. Why... what can be an original wedding in 2023?

Next we will delve into Steve & Morgan's wedding at Casa Felix on June 3 of this year, and we will tell you what was original, innovative and different from our point of view in this destination wedding.

Venue: Casa Felix

Photography: Sierra Katrina

Sound & light company: Soundsystem

Steve & Morgan

We remember perfectly from the first emails, to when the couple came to do the tasting menu and the last meet before their big day. We are specialists in international weddings, so for us it is essential to be able to have a very good (as well as active) communication.

We believe that the perfect definition for them is ease. From minute one they were open to any recommendations, they established active communication, any small question that arose they immediately contacted us, and they were super grateful with absolutely everything.

In addition, they were real lovers of good gastronomy, as we like, and also a fundamental point to enjoy even more in everything related to a catering service for weddings.

Dear Steve & Morgan, we can't resist to keep this photo as a memory, from the day you came to do the tasting at ESKISIT Catering. It seems like just yesterday! And we are recounting your wedding two months after its celebration.... <3

Destination wedding en Casa Felix

From the United States to Barcelona. More specifically from Illinois to Olivella.

The incredible couple chose our attractive Garraf region to celebrate their wedding, and what a great success, because the environment full of nature is unique.

Initially they had a forecast of between 50 and 70 guests, although unfortunately, in the end fewer people were able to come to celebrate their wedding with them.

We have to point out that what surprised us the most about this couple is that no matter how much things happened (both before and during the wedding), they never lost their smile, the desire to enjoy, as well as an incredibly positive attitude. Really, working like this was amazing.

It rained on the wedding day, we had to activate plan B, and really, it was wonderful to see how the only thing that mattered to them was to enjoy together with their loved ones and that all the suppliers could work well and comfortably to continue with the wedding.


Finally, there were 48 adults and 2 children at Casa Felix, and each and every one of them contributed to making the evening of this black dress code wedding at Casa Felix.


We have previously told you about this term, and we suppose that you are wondering what we are referring to, right?

Let's go for it. In this case we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the decoration and clothing of the Steve & Morgan guests, and that is, they all wore black suits and dresses!


It continues to be said that the color black is not the most suitable for wedding guests (specially for women), that it is better to avoid it and opt for other neutral tones, and we have even come to read that it should never be used in a wedding (as is said with white).

The result was fantastic, brilliant and as we say, it gave a most original touch to the celebration. We say yes to the black color at weddings.

In conjunction with that black color on the clothing, it was accompanied by many details in the same color, such as the logo, the typography of the designs, signs they prepared, chandeliers, candles and others.


The wedding menu

Steve & Morgan chose a very complete menu, since they added everything from welcome drinks before the ceremony to a sweet snort that none of the guests could resist.

Do you want to know more about its banquet-style menu? Keep reading and discover the delicious Mediterranean proposal.

They started with a drinks corner before the ceremony in which there was flavored water, fresh lemonade and mini mojito.


At the end of the ceremony we continue our service, welcoming guests with a refreshing cava cocktail with peach. This was followed by a delicious selection of Mediterranean appetizers that the couple chose at their tasting menu. Among them there was no shortage of our grilled chicken brioche with curry sauce, grilled shrimp and mango skewer, mini cannelloni in traditional style with truffle powder and our irresistible homemade croquettes (ham and mushroom).

This part of the wedding was accompanied by an Iberian ham corner (cuted at the moment), which was a complete success!


Time to go to dinner. As we have told you before, we had to activate plan B and set up dinner in Casa Felix interior salon, but the result was extremely spectacular and they had a dream dinner.

The starter was tapas to share, more specifically four typical dishes of our Mediterranean gastronomy, which the guests were tasting little by little. One of them was the broken eggs with potatoes and Iberian ham; another hit.

As main they chose to enjoy a good plate of paella. In his case we prepared three different ones (Fideuá “el senyoret”, vegetable paella and chicken and pork paella) and the guests would come to the buffet to choose the flavor they preferred.

For digestion... a fresh passion fruit sorbet. And once finished with this, we move on to dessert; wedding cake accompanied by mini desserts.

Steve & Morgan fell in love with pistachio cake, so of course, this flavor was one of the ones that were on their wedding cake (along with the Irish cake).

The mini desserts that made up the table were homemade brownies, macarons of assorted flavors, cake pops dipped in white chocolate and mini lemon pie.

We have our own bakery here at ESKISIT. This allows us to prepare and decorate all the sweets in an artisanal way and according to what each couple asks us, in addition to working on details as well as innovating new recipes.

We are based on the initial idea of the couple. We always ask for references for inspiration for the decorations of your sweets. Based on what you have in mind, our Sitges-based pastry team works to create the proposal of your dreams.

Now, we're going to the party. Party time!

Two hours of open bar accompanied by their favorite music and a midnight snack of churros with chocolate.

And so concludes the beautiful (and delicious) story of Steve & Morgan. An intimate, original wedding full of unforgettable moments at Casa Felix. Thank you once again for trusting in our company for such an important day as your wedding celebration. A day, without a doubt, that we will remember forever.

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We have a single mission that is to create unforgettable moments for each and every one of them.

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