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Sibarum now is ESKISIT

Hi! In today's post we will not talk about any specific party nor will we explain one of the weddings we have done. Today's post is very special because we are telling you about one of the big changes that we have been working on for months.

We changed the corporate image and the name of our catering

Yes, we update ourselves and give a new image to our family business!

We have searched for a name that defines what we do, that is easy to remember and that we can all pronounce well. Being in Sitges, we have clients from the same town, from the closest areas, but we also have a large foreign public. We want everyone to be able to understand it without any problem, so we have tried to choose a name that is simple for everyone.

We started 10 years ago (which is fast) with Sibarum, and after a long time of effort, dedication, passion and belief in our project, on our tenth anniversary, we have seen that it was the perfect time to make the change and go one step further in our great little company.

We say goodbye to Sibarum Catering, to receive ESKISIT Catering.

New name, same essence

It is true that for us it is a very important change and we are too excited, there are many hours of work, creation and dedication compared to what may seem like a simple name. But we want to make it clear that we are still the same.

The philosophy remains the same as well as the love with which we prepare absolutely everything and the passion with which we cook all our recipes for you.

We are expanding the team as the business grows, and with it the needs to be covered. But Cristina mother and Cristina daughter are the ones who continue and will continue to lead the kitchens of ESKISIT.

ESKISIT Catering

As we have told you before, we have looked for a name that everyone can understand (because of the different languages), as well as something that represents what we do.

ESKISIT represents our cuisine, Mediterranean gastronomy, how delicious each bite should be from our point of view.

Traditional style mini cannelloni with truffle powder

In fact, according to the dictionary this is the definition of exquisite;

“That it is of a quality, a refinement and an extraordinary taste”.

It represents something unique and surprising as well as being applied to the taste of a food or drink that has been most pleasant for the person.

What changes will you notice?

Basically the name and the logo. We changed the outside, but not the inside! And you will be able to appreciate that the colors are very similar to Sibarum since our main idea is to maintain the same essence.

Now you must look for us by ESKISIT in all digital media.

Facebook: Eskisit Catering

Google: ESKISIT Catering & Cakes (Sibarum)

If you visit us in person in the coming weeks, you will be able to notice other changes that are coming in a very short period of time. However, for being here reading us, we give you an advance…

We are going to paint our whole place black!

You can come to order a cake if you have a celebration, to request a quote for an event or to enjoy our takeaway dishes from Tuesday to Saturday.

We cook, you enjoy your Take Away order without worries.

You can also follow us on our social media and see there the day to day of our work along with the news from ESKISIT.

We know that at first it will be a change to which we will all have to adapt. We are the first to escape on occasion and write Sibarum!

But the emotion and effort we are putting into this project is enormous, and we want to thank you for being by our side and joining us on this great adventure!


News for 2023

Indeed, the change of corporate image is not the only one we are working on. ESKISIT kitchens have very high stoves, can you imagine why?

We have been testing, inventing and mixing flavors for days because we are preparing the new gastronomic proposal for events and weddings in 2023.

Updated buffets, new appetizers flavors that we will incorporate and much more that we will tell you about soon.

For the sweet, you will also see things from now on, as is the case of the Lotus-flavored cake, NEW!

Do not forget that now you must look for us at ESKISIT Catering. In November we will be closed for a few days for staff rest, but there is still time and, furthermore, at the end of the month we will be back.

Do you need any catering proposal? Let's talk as soon as possible!


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