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Pre-wedding party!


As we told you in the previous post, in which we talked about weddings trends for 2023, multi-day weddings will be a reality throughout the next year. This is not something temporary since we have been seeing weddings for more than one day for some time, especially if they are “Destination Wedding” style weddings. With this, we have to include yes or yes a pre-wedding party.

We speak above all of those weddings in which several relatives and friends gather before or after the event. It is very normal for the bride and groom to want to hold a small event for all the guests who have come specifically for the occasion. There is also the option that they want to have a previous party because they feel like it, we have found both situations!

And what do we like the most? A good party, and if it is themed, much better!

White party, costume party, cocktail in a special place, Hawaiian party?

Any topic will be good as long as each and every one of the members who participate come prepared to enjoy and give everything. Let's celebrate!

We'll start at the beginning...

What is a pre-wedding party?

For us it is very clear. It is a celebration in which the bride and groom can enjoy with their guests. We know that on the day of the wedding it is practically impossible to dedicate the time you would like to each and every one of the people at the wedding.

So, it's a great day. To enjoy with your loved ones, to have conversations, toast, laugh, thank those who come from outside and to welcome this endless emotions that are about to begin. Without nerves, with many sensations.

When to do a pre-wedding?

The most common is to hold this party the day before the wedding, is the general rule, like doing the post wedding the next day.

However, we like it better, or we see it appropriate if the circumstances allow it, to do the pre-wedding two days before.

You can go more relaxed, the party can be extended and the next day you can continue enjoying your guests before the big day. Then you can take advantage of the swimming pool at the event venue, go shopping or have some delicious Mediterranean tapas in Sitges.

How about? Did you think of it that way?

How are pre-weddings?

This question does not have a fixed answer. It's like when they ask you what a birthday party can be like, the answers are endless!

Everything will depend on the purpose, the style and how you want to approach it.

You can have a costume-themed night party, a White party in the pool, or a daytime barbecue with your closest friends and family.

Something that is often seen a lot for these celebrations are the afternoon/evening cocktails accompanied by background music. They are events that I don't know usually take too long since normally the next day the wedding is celebrated.

They have a more casual style, but not informal, and are made standing up. Something you should know is that it is a party that the bride and groom do to thank, so they take charge of this celebration.

Pre-wedding menus

At Sibarum catering we say yes to pre-weddings. Basically, it seems to us the ideal moment to enjoy the guests in a more personal and intimate way.

In addition, you can give it a personalized touch and make it thematic.

For the menu of this party, we have something clear; the Mediterranean tradition will be a guaranteed success.

Organize a BBQ

A meal of this style is always synonymous with having a good time and enjoying yourself. Music, the smell of charcoal and very cold drinks for all those present.

What is the difference this time? You will be the hosts of the party. You will receive your loved ones from the hand of the best barbecue and you will enjoy a unique moment. Thanking you like this will make you very happy.

Our pre-wedding barbecue menu includes a wide variety of elements.

The basics; chorizo, botifarra and of course, chicken!

Then we find those slightly more premium options from which you choose a couple; such as entrails, churrasco or pork tenderloin. We do so that the meal is complete (and irresistible).

To accompany? The classic "caliu potatoes" and padrón peppers will not be missing.

And let's not forget the sauces... We know that a barbecue is not a barbecue without them. Alioli, chimichurri and barbecue sauce.

We will finish with a dessert and we have the perfect barbecue menu.

Catering with paellas for pre-weddings in Barcelona

Another of the menus that triumphs among our clients, and that will be another essential to value if you do a pre-wedding, are paellas and rice dishes.

A typical meal of our Mediterranean gastronomy.

We love to prepare them at the moment in front of the guests, so you can choose this option and if not, we can always deliver them for you to enjoy at the right time.

Likewise, we can make a complete menu with starters and dessert, or simply paella.

We have several flavors so you can choose the one you like best, and of course, you can make more than one paella; Seafood Paella, Sea and Mountain, Fideuá "del Senyoret" and Chicken Paella are just some of the ones we can prepare for your pre-wedding party.

More food for your party

Other options that you can do for your thanksgiving party, is an afternoon cocktail or perhaps a large buffet with several appetizers and that the guests themselves take what they like at any time.

We also think it's an excellent idea to start with an activity that can be done nearby, such as a wine tasting and then organize the celebration in a rural farmhouse or in the space that you have rented for the wedding.

In Sitges and surroundings we have a wide variety of spaces to hold all kinds of events.

What if we finish with a delicious dessert buffet? There are too many people who like sweets (yes, yes, we include ourselves). So with a corner dedicated exclusively to it, you will conquer your guests..

Now, let's see a little more about the pre-wedding party that Birte & Daniel had at Can Marcer de la Penya.

A Friday in October, outdoors and with a lot of personality. They chose a menu of paellas, which could not miss the classic seafood and a vegetable one for the guests who have a veggie diet.

Photography: Ferrer & Mayor



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