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How to make the perfect sweet table

Do you celebrate and want to do it with an incredible sweet buffet? Today we tell you some tips and things that you should keep in mind to know how to make the perfect sweet table.

We are used to starring in our meetings through salty gastronomic references; potato omelettes, bread with tomato, some good potatoes can never be missing, pizzas and various cokes, sausages and cheeses, salty puff pastries and more.

Well, we tell you that a sweet corner can also be the star of a celebration, a party with friends, a birthday, a wedding, a baptism, a communion, or any type of event you can think of.

To follow the same common thread and not go into too many twists and turns, we will focus on how to make the perfect sweet table for a birthday party.



Choose a theme and color range

Just like when you dress up, decorate a room or paint a vase, you must choose a main theme and a base color (or several), once we have chosen the protagonist, we will base the entire development of the event on it. In this way we will achieve the same line in all the elements of the party.

What do you think of the theme for Yago's first birthday? Fast one; with cars and elements that revolved around it.


If you are missing ideas, one that we love and that can be very versatile is the following;

  • Theme: jungle animals

  • Colors: green and brown

You can also choose a single color and make it around it, playing with different shades of it in the different elements that are part of the party. For example, we remember Martina's first birthday on which we based the sweet table they commissioned us in pink and rainbow tones.

Cookies shaped like the number 1, pink fondant, cake pops dipped in white chocolate and striped in pink, pink decorations on the buttercream cake and a large rainbow (which contained pink) joining two cakes.

Butter cookies for birthdays & parties


Presentation table for sweet buffet

Where are you going to put all the sweets? What will the assembly be like?

You must have a table or a large support to be able to place all the food you will serve, as well as complementary material, flowers, plates so that guests can serve themselves, and so on.


Another factor that is essential, and that we can confirm “does alter the product”, is height. If you arrange everything in a basic way on the table, you will have a flat and boring effect.

On the other hand, adding heights and thus providing volume will be a must on the sweet table at your celebration and you will achieve an unmatched effect.

The best sweets for a buffet

Here you have  several options and that's why we like to personalize according to the tastes of the person to whom it is directed or, failing that, to references that the majority may generally like.

  • Buttercream cake. Yeah! There is no celebration without a cake. We love listening to the excitement of each of our clients when they tell us what they like, the colors they want the decoration to star in, the flavor of the filling with which they will be extremely happy when they take the first bite,…

  • Custom cookies. These are homemade butter cookies that we customize according to the theme of the event. You can choose both the shape and the decoration of the same and they are great both to eat at the moment, and so that people can take them as souvenirs as well as decorate the same sweet table while they are there.

  • Brownies. Who does not like chocolate? This sweet is a safe bet at any celebration. Mini, rectangular or square-shaped, our homemade brownies conquer the palates of all those who try them.

Other sweets for a sweet table that we recommend adding and that will undoubtedly be the perfect partner for those already mentioned are; cupcakes, white chocolate cake pops, decorated donuts (whether classic or chocolate), pastry cream tartlets with red fruits and to finish some irresistible fresh fruit skewers.

Customize the graphic design

Many people do not give importance to the designs, but without a doubt we confirm that these small details make the difference when setting up a table. The staging has more life and looks with personality.

What can you do?

  • Prepare a large poster announcing the event (A5 or A4 will be enough) and put it in a nice frame.

  • Design a small sign for each reference of the food that will be on the table, and put it next to each of the trays so that the guests know everything there is.

  • Prepare labels and tie them with a pretty ribbon to the custom butter cookies.

  • Design keepsake stickers.

  • You can also prepare a welcome sign and place it near the sweet buffet.

Finally, there are many extra elements that can give a plus when preparing the perfect sweet table, such as hiring a beautiful personalized balloon garland, ordering a cake topper for the cake and others.

If you are organizing any event and don't know how to make the perfect sweet table for it, contact us and we'll get to work!


Although it is true that at the beginning of the article we said that we would base ourselves on the common thread of the birthday party, given the dates in which we are, we want to remind you that we also make sweet tables, cakes and personalized cookies for the celebration of the First Holy Communion.

A very special moment and it will be a success to accompany both with a buttercream cake and personalized cookies that can serve as a souvenir.

If you want more information, you can fill out our form. We will tell you about the options offered by our homemade pastry shop in Sitges!


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