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Destination wedding in Almiral de la Font

Before the year ends, we had to tell you a little more about this destination wedding in Almiral de la Font; a venue near Sitges and surrounded by nature, where you can celebrate a dream wedding.

Carlos & Gavin were very clear about it when they visited the space; Their destination wedding to take place there. And we understand it! There are many advantages that these large farmhouses offer, in which you can also opt for extra accommodation for your closest guests (in the end several people travel to this destination to share a great day with the couple, so, if you can count on lodging included for more people, much better).

And thanks to María Cano Photography, the wonderful photographer who was in charge of taking all the wedding photos, today you can relive their big day a little more, through a small summary that is also accompanied by visual content.


What should you keep in mind if you organize a destination wedding?

First of all, we recommend having a wedding planner company to help you organize your wedding remotely. A person who knows suppliers, spaces and has contacts for all the services you will need throughout your stay here will be key to the success of the event.

Number two; include the maximum number of services you can with the same providers. This will allow you to have everything much more organized, and to have to be in contact with fewer people. Now it may seem “silly”, but it can really be chaotic!

Thirdly, we recommend that you make the trip and experience easier for your guests. Provide transport, order breakfast for everyone in the farmhouse, create lists with contacts they may need (taxis, restaurants, sightseeing,...).

We make breakfasts in both; delivery and with a chef, who is in charge to prepare hot dishes at the moment. Both options are great! And the customers are always very happy. Do you want more information about our breakfasts & brunch?

Carlos & Gavin

We remember all the calls, emails and WhatsApp messages that we have had and sent to each other throughout the months of preparation for their wedding in Sant Pere de Ribes.

The technical visit we made to the venue together, the tasting menu, the several visits they have made to the area and with it, the meetings at ESKISIT enjoying homemade cakes and talking about the organization of their wedding,…

There are many months of work and with it, great memories that we keep with each of the couples that trust our catering company.

From London to Sitges, many guests, a Drag Queen show and cheesecake for all the guests. We'll tell you a little more below!


A mediterranean wedding menu

The menu that the couple chose had many classics of our wonderful Mediterranean cuisine.

First, they decided to add welcome drinks before the ceremony so that their guests could have a drink while they waited for the first part of the wedding to begin. A great choice!

Mini mojito, flavored water and fresh lemonade were the drinks available for those who wanted to have something to refresh.

A ceremony full of emotions, with fried chicken involved (a ritual) and spectacular decoration by Loving the flowers (who were in charge of dressing the entire wedding with flowers).




Let's move on to the cocktail! If you know us at all, you know that it is our favorite part of any wedding. Carlos & Gavin opted for live music to accompany this great moment; the Cuban Trio by Calle Habana

As far as appetizers are concerned, there was no shortage of the best seller of the 2023 wedding season; the brioche, which on this occasion, was filled with hand-chopped steak tartare. In addition to other classics from our kitchen such as homemade croquettes and the mini cannelloni in traditional style with truffle powder.

On the other hand, Carlos is from Venezuela, so we did not hesitate for a moment to propose the following to him; add an appetizer that represented his gastronomy. We offered tequeños to all guests! And they flew.

The small details do matter. For this reason, we like to personalize the menu, depending on each couple, whenever possible for us.


Two corners were part of this moment; Iberian ham cutted at the moment and skewers prepared also at the same time by one of our chefs. So fresh!

We have a wide variety of buffets that you can choose from to offer your guests during the cocktail; cold, hot, self-service or with a chef who prepares it and serves it to you immediately.

If in doubt, we recommend adding a buffet of Iberian ham cut to order. It's a sure hit!

When we finished, we went to dinner. A spectacular banquet in front of Almiral de la Font;



After a speech by the couple, we served a delicious Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan flakes and arugula sprouts, followed by an irresistible Duck Confit accompanied by pears in red wine, glazed pearl onions and Pedro Ximénez sauce.

A citrus and vegetable sorbet to help with digestion and…

We move on to dessert; baked cheesecake buffet.

It is nothing new that cheesecake has become a fundamental dessert in restaurants, cafes and, of course, also in catering companies.

Carlos & Gavin decided they wanted a “la vinya” style cheesecake buffet for their guests, and so it was, we made their dream come true!

After cutting the cakes and distributing dessert to the diners, a drag queen show by Dragada Familia, began, which was a real success

Show, fun and laughter among everyone present. The best decision for this destination wedding in Almiral de la Font!


Then we went to the party; open bar, midnight snacks of mini burgers, pizzas and donuts, photo booth and lots of music by Soundsystem

Without any doubt, a day that we would repeat.

We love creating unforgettable moments and it makes us very happy to be able to remember with so much affection (and without forgetting any detail) the weddings we have done.


Specialists in destination weddings

At ESKISIT Catering we provide catering services for all kind of events; from a finger food delivery to a personalized cake or a private party.

However, we have become specialists in destination weddings.

How can we help you? 


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